Want to buy a 2016+ Gem e4

Looking for a 2016 or newer Gem, prefer white 4 passenger. Want to start testing performance mods and lithium battery packs and need a Gem to do it. Got some exciting stuff I’m working on but it will require a lot of testing. @grantwest this does NOT mean I am going over to the dark side, well at least not yet. Testing will tell.

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Oh, you are coming over to the dark side, you just don’t know it yet :slight_smile:


Hey I’m totally fine with you fixing and helping people repair their old cars please don’t get a new one. Someone needs to STAY BEHIND & keep the light on and help the classic GEM people. Please Mike don’t get a new Gem they suck The old cars are so much better


jumping into the 2016+ performance quest. Dave has been working on this for a while, I’m going at it from a different angle. Flying up to Indianapolis next week to work with a software engineer on these. Now if someone could just find me a Gem to do the testing on.

Hopefully one of us will be successful with this.


Ooooo, the “Gateway Drug” has been introduced! It will not be long b4 mike has Sold all his classic gems and then it’s only a matter of months b4 he Ignores all classic car post’s and Questions like me :slight_smile: LOL LOL LOL

But on a serious note I still help people with he classics, my way of helping them is to tell them to buy an new car!!! :wink:


Ahh yes, the Classic ‘57 Chevrolet Bel Aire vs a classic Tesla… two beautiful classics.

Did you find a 2016+ Yet? I have a white 2019 e6 with 4000 miles that I am getting ready to list if you are interested. In south tx