Have you driven a 2016 GEM?

We would all be very interested to hear from anyone who has driven a 2016 GEM.

Thank you, Please…
I have no desire to be seen in that piece of Poop.

I’m hoping that Polaris will be able to convince a local dealer to take the franchise on… as it is the nearest dealers are an hour + North and South… not sure I want to drive that far… when I was looking for GEM cars I called the Chrysler dealer who was the GEM dealer in the area… spoke to the salesguy… the GEMologist who told me they used golf carts to haul people around the dealership and he could order a GEM car for me… I rode a short with a guy selling one locally but it ran out of charge before I could drive it… we were towed home… still I was hooked… I really want to see the new Polaris GEM… happy the didn’t drop the line and continue with the m-series… that one I hate


They need to continue the current model

know in talking to a Chrysler dealer in 2011 that the gripe to GEM Car at that thime from the dealers who saw new looks in the other line of cars was the GEM never changed… he liked that… me too and probably at least half of the 50,000 owners of GEM cars… I think builders like Innovation Motorsports and the parts houses like NEVaccessories may have to scramble for parts… glad Dennis GEMmenchanic started the aftermarket list… guess we can call ourselves the ‘Classic’ GEM car owners… haha


I think that us’ins that own the “older” model will see the value increase in coming years. Demand versus (no) supply…

But. I ain’t sell’in mine. You can lower me into the grave at the wheel with the stereo on a 50’s rock station paying loud. (charge the batteries first, Please).

Love it Rascal… think you hit it on the head… know the eS will be a premium car probably the e4S as well… guess we’ll have to wait and see… or hide and watch… naa… I ain’t hiding… driving high and mighty!

you need to change restaurants if the fries are cold… haha


Delivered with 2 miles on it, front right brake was assembled improperly that caused a grinding noise and wobble that progressively got louder. I tore it apart today and fixed it. If anyone has this grinding noise and wobble , check the brass fittings where the brake caliper comes together, make sure they are lined up properly (2person job) It will seem like it is a warped or bent disk, it isn’t.

welcome and thanks for sharing… get it back on the road


I just bought a 2016 E-4 floor model with 140 miles on it. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but my wife and I love it. Absolutely no problems, except of course, the 25 mph limit and gear whine. Got the 6.5 kW motor and Distance AGM (gell) batteries, and some other options. I have been lurking around looking for speed solutions. I finally decided to order the 35 mph gear set and the Quiet motor mount. My local GEM dealer will install them for me! Good by warranty, oh well. I told my wife that it’s not our money that we are spending - it’ s our kids inheritance! I’ll have to send the kids a thank you note when all is done.

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