Volt batteries exploded!

A few months back decided to take the plunge and convert to volt batteries. Everything went great; sawed off the water jackets. Bolted the bottoms, secured with metal clamps. Followed in the footsteps of other intrepid members on the forum whom had posted the process. Got a voltage spoof, magic magnet, and reprogrammed the Delta Q. Smooth sailing, with lots of friendly help from this forum. Hardly used the gem since the conversion, maybe 20 miles. Has mostly been sitting in the garage. Today I walked out and decided to check on the gem. Opened the hood and to my horror I saw the volt batteries had busted at the seams! The bottoms had let loose! Almost as if the internal packs had frozen and expanded? No amount of force would budge th packs back inward even a bit. Any insights here!? Hopefully others can learn something from this!

Had one survivor under the seat which I did not

modify to fit as is in the large middle battery tray. The front and back packs are bulging out a bit and separated just a little near the top

That’s what they do when they go dead dead. :frowning:
Did it break the plastic or bottom bolts?
My brother let his Volt/forklift go dead last winter.
If everything is disconnected, batteries will not self discharge in years.
Bms and dc-dc will drain them in a month.

:sob::sob:. Well that solves that!

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Broke the plastic the bottom bolts are still in tact

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Don’t feel lonely. If been close to that 3 times in my Tomberlin. I check it most every week. Even though it’s fine, if I miss a week it’s dead. Almost like it knows when to die. This year I unplugged the bms and disc. a battery lead.
Which reminds me, better go check it.

So Dave let me get this straight. Volt battery’s bulge when under charged??

I thought most battery’s that over charged bulged!

I thought most battery’s that were undercharged sank or caved in when they got no Charge?

I’m sorry this happend to you. Sucks I have been their and done that. Sucks $$$$ Down the drain.

I know for sure lifepo4 bulge when dead.
My brothers could have been either way. He charged them before I saw them.
Did your leaf bulge? Someone on here reported leaf bulging.
It might only happen if there is a drain, and some cells get below zero.
I’m trying not to become an expert on swelled cells. :slight_smile:

Both leaf battery’s did not swell

Interesting that the leaf batteries did not swell. Well at the very least this thread is a reminder to check up on your batteries! Looks like I’m in the market for a new set! Won’t make this mistake twice

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I had a bank of Leaf batteries that bulged when left unattended for 2 1/2 months. They had discharged down to 9 Volts for an 11 cell pack. I was able to “bring them back from the dead”, but it was short lived. I have since installed a master disconnent switch, that i can acess from under the hood, that i use for extended idle periods.

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