Don’t ignore your lithiums

I had a solid 2005 with a 96v upgrade and an a/c motor conversion. Very trick and comically fast. I was the first in my neighborhood to register and legally use a gem as an LSV.

Life and family came at me hard the past few years and I neglected my Chevy Volt batteries. I didn’t keep an eye on them and let them get too low. I only have myself to blame. I’m lucky I haven’t had an explosion or fire to be honest.
Live and learn.

I miss my GEM dearly. It’s annoying to see the rich folk toodling around in crappy golf carts when I have such a sweet vehicle in the shop but hey I made this my bed, now I need to fix it.

After I remove these accordions of death from my garage I need to start shopping for new ones. I might buy local, I might tap @LithiumGods , we shall see. I do need to save a lot of dough, that’s for damn sure.

TL;DR monitor your batteries.

So those were in your GEM without expansion prevention plates on the ends of each pack?

All these lithium “bag” based packs need plates on each end of the pack to keep the “bags” from expanding too much during charge and discharge or else the inner workings will delaminate with resulting functional degradation.

Sorry you lost so much.

I was an early adopter to the lithium conversion trend. I also didn’t have a BMS setup and left my rig outdoors without supervision. I must have missed the room for expansion sleeve in my other pocket.

Things have changed over the years. No need to add salt to the wound. I was just pointing out how it’s pretty easy to get distracted which can be dangerous when you are playing with lithium.

To be clear, this was 100% my fault and avoidable. Just trying to let people know about the risks. You can’t be sloppy like you can be with deep cycle lead.

You can have some Goliath batteries that I have stuck at @MikeKC .
The reason I dont have them is that I don’t want to stick him with packaging them.
I’ve been hoping he had a reason to drive up or George would pass through.

Maybe he will take pity on you and pack them for ups or put them on a pallet.

You are correct, you can’t be sloppy with lithium batteries. I know guys who burned out their car and another who burned down his garage with “little” RC lithium batteries about 15 years ago. One by not charging correctly and the other from a damaged battery which showed no visible signs of damage.

These big car batteries can be deadly.

And I was merely trying to understand what you were showing since they were not in the vehicle and it was showing the damage was done be uncontained expansion. The guys here who sell lithium battery packs will have them setup with a BMS and properly contained/packaged. Lots safer and long lasting.

@diymatt I was wondering what happened to you. Hadn’t seen you on here for a while. I’m running 2012 volt packs in my 2016 and they run awesome. I have a BMS that will shut down though if they get too low. Still drive it pretty frequently so I’m usually charging / discharging weekly.

The guys have some really solid drop in packs these days. Samsung SDI 22 w/ jk BMS is pretty dope.

I had no idea that Cruzin had been selling batteries for that long.

Matt, welcome back. Wish it was for a better reason! If it makes you feel better ,years ago I had a set of Leaf batteries in mine. Had a balancer on them but no BMS. Went on a long vacation and forgot to turn off main switch. Same thing happened. Oh well, good excuse for an upgrade. Let us know how we can help. Welcome back.

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As usual Inwo is the hero and the community here is great.

I’m traveling for work this week and most of July is hectic but even baby steps are still steps.

I’m definitely not skipping the BMS this go round. :smiley:

You were one of the early pioneers back in the wild west days of hot rodded carts. You walked under ladders, ran with scissors, didn’t care about black cats, and celebrated when glorious clouds of smoke escaped from over driven components.

I think your only mistake was that you did not check in from time to time and
follow along, realize the benefits and value the advancements in the BMS tech. But yeah… Life gets in the way. I get that.

I’m still trying to figure out how you got those expanded packs OUT of your car in that state (or did they simply eject themselves out onto the floor one day in one grand motion?).

He even ate expired yogurt, fed a mugwai after midnight and left his gem parked in a 15 minute spot for 19-1/2 minutes then laughed at the tow truck as he drove away.


Hah. Thanks! I just hung onto the coattails of the elders, Inwo, Rodney, Lithiumgod before the name change and so many more.

My packs were all in trays and properly fastened in wicked tight. I saw the small ones had bulged and then pulled the rest. Once I pried them out and removed the all-thread rods that clamped them longways they all went boing on the bench.

I’ve learned a lot over the years. I might not be back on the road this year but next year this thing will be bonkers.

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And does anyone remember Michael’s handle before he changed it to LithiumGods? I followed his advice and bought parts from him before and after and I can’t… lol.

BTW, Matt, I still reference that google sheets doc you started with all the settings for the GE controllers.

So, batteries are shot, but is the “DANGER: Not to be operated by fvckwits” sticker still holding up?

Bravo. Yep, it is indeed. Once I get this AC motor spinning again that sticker will make even more sense.

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I remember how you attacked that thing. First gem and started doing all kinds of tto it. Including AC upgrade I think you should do another, we need a good build thread.


@Inwo and his 22s sdi battery pack came through for me. Comically fast shipping. Great packaging. Good looking wiring job. Got the BMS connected to my phone via Bluetooth in seconds with zero research or instructions. This is a great upgrade and I no longer mourn the loss of my older cells.

Ill be out of the garage all next week but look forward to digging back into my GEM and getting it back on the road soon.


and your new cells shouldn’t be able to experience the same fate since the BMS will disconnect from the load based on BMS settings for high and low voltage levels.