Upgrading to Lithium? Get $$ for your old lead

I had not only 6 deep cycle lead acid batteries but also 2 6v deep cycle, 2 35Ahr wheelchair batteries and 8 12Ahr lawnmower batteries. The local Interstate Battery location said they’d give me $8ea for ‘car’ batteries and $1-$3 for the smaller batteries. But when I brought all the batteries in and made a comment about how heavy they were and how much lead was in them, they payed me by weight instead of by the battery. Walked out with $124 cash.

So don’t just donate your batteries to the local auto parts store, Although I hear Autozone will give you a much smaller store credit. Look for an Interstate battery store and give them a call.

I was already planning to be in the area so otherwise you’ll have to watch out for how much it costs in gas to get cash for your lead.

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Cool. Always nice when free beer money appears.

Any industrial metal recycler should also take them and typically pay as “battery cores” by weight,