Upgrading gauges

I have been looking at buying a 2001 or 2002 GEM and wondered if anyone had updated the gauges from a later model GEM as they have a better display with digital speed and battery charge.


I don’t believe it’s practical.
The new model instruments get data from T3/4 controller and possibly psdm.
It would make more sense to add newer style aftermarket gauges.

You would give up error code read, unless leaving the original display.

Yeah, I suspected as much. Probably easier to just attach a GPS to read speed and maps and a battery monitor. It was worth a try.


I agree with David I think you would need the PDM (power display module) they are $800 alone. Then you would need pretty much all the wording harness from a 2008 or what ever Modle year you took the display out of. And in my opinion it would be better you just sell your car as is and upgrade to the newer year save you self the time