Under Body RGB light install V2

Seeing as how good of a job ApachieshoreGEM did on his Under body LED install I thought I would share my install. This is the 4th car I have done like this. I think his install was great. And my install will give you the same results so it’s more of what works best for you.

My install will have 4 pieces of L shaped Aluminum bar. 1 for each side of the car and 1 for the front of the car and 1 for the back. (This will give your car a “Halo look” here is a picture of 2 Gems. The car with the Blue Glow Just has Lights down the sides while the car with the Purple has lights on the sides as well as lights at the front and back.

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Here is the 4 aluminum strips I start with.

  1. Front -14 inc long
  2. Rear -19 inch long
    2 Sides - 60 inc long

This is totally un necessary but I like to put these slots of each end of the “side aluminum strips” Because the 4 controller wires can be routed threw these slots and this way the wire is not pulling on the solderd ends of the LED strips. It also helps route the wire up and out of the way.

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Very professional job. Looks great and makes the GEMs more visible at night.

So these LED strips are quite cheep and if the back side of the led strip’s contacts gets exposed to water then that’s when they start to fail. I have found that the Sticky back tale that comes in the LED strips works great for indoor use but outside where they can get wet the sticky back fails and the lights tend to fall off. So what I do is I lay down a bead of silicone on the aluminum strip. This works as a Glue to hold the strips and also protect the contacts on the back of the strip from the weather.

I have been having good luck with this RGB led controller. This is the 3rd one I have done using this controller. It’s been working good for almost 2 years now.


These strips are very common I have used a few different brands and they all seem to be very similar

$11 each

The 4 aluminum strips will be attached in 2 different ways.

The 2 side pieces will use ZIP ties to attach them.
The Rear section will sit between the frame and be attached with 2 Tech screws at each end into the frame.
The front section that attaches to the front Sub Frame will again use tech screws (these are the self tapping screws that gem uses all over the car.

Ok back at it. I finished 1 car last week and now I’m starting another one.

Here are the 2 I finished last week

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Tonight is gonna be a light show with all 3 going side by side

Ok the light Show begins

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That’s awesome, how did you do the headlights?

I take the stock aluminum headlight holders and turn them around backwards (to give the new led headlights space) and then I make a new mounting plate that adapts to the stock gem car headlight bracket. And the new head lights attach to that

Sorry meant the green halo.

How did I miss those? Do you have a link?

Here are the light pods
Nicoko 18w 4Inch Cree Led Work… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HPVU9JS?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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