Suggestions for: led kit, light bar, and stereo/speakers for a gem e4

Hey all! I have a 2008 gem e4 and I am looking for the following upgrades to my gem. Id like everyones opinions(and links) on what the best options are for these, since i’m sure people on here have gone through many diff kinds.

LED Kit - Mainly what i want is for it to be controllable from an app and have music/sound mode where it will “go” with the sounds. Looking for enough LED lights that i can do under(both sides) and front/back as well as maybe along the top of the inside(or just under steering column area).

stereo/speaker - something that looks good and can be easily installed. supports bluetooth and has capability of at least 2 speakers and maybe a sound bar.

front facing led light bar - again something that can be relatively easily installed and has some decent brightness to it.

I am also looking to replace the actual front headlights to led. If this is possible by just replacing the bulb please point me to the correct bulb, if it needs to be a new housing unit any help with that would also be appreciated.

TY all for your help.

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Scrap the existing headlights and replace them.
These have high and low beam, are very bright and are $25/ea. They also fit in the existing holes

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If you are interested in installing a Starlight Headliner, I can tell you how it is done?

This by FAR, is the modification that blows people away when they see mine.

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@GreenLantern your pictures didnt upload.

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Love that roof!!
One of the best looking Gems

Nice roof. Was the install hard do you have instructions? Which kit did you use?
What stereo system do u have?

I think there was a scene in “The Martian” where Mark Watney was installing one of these starlight displays to make his rover cool.

drill holes

I am getting ready to service my headliner. When I do, I will post pictures.

First, in order to be transparent, I did not do any of the modifications to my Gem myself. My Gem was completely customized by…….

Big Shot Rides LLC - Coconut Creek, Florida

They charged the previous owner $8500 in 2018 for the full package, which included $1300 for Starlight Headliner. Overall, I think they did an awesome job tricking out my Gem. It’s one of a kind!

However, the headliner is an easy modification, but time consuming. My invoice shows that Big Shot ordered the headliner material from 3m. But you could probably find similar material at Hobby Lobby or Micheals. It’s approx 1/8th to a 1/4 inch thick. You buy a sheet. I suggest black like I have. It’s almost a high end cardboard with finish or semi plastic, is my best description. It just needs rigidity.

Make a template of your Gem’s ceiling using paper and tape. Then take that pattern and cut out same pattern on headliner material.

Buy 3m Velcro tape. This is what will hold headliner in place. My tape has become week in one corner, which is why I am going to redo it. But this is probably better than screws. The point is, you need to be able to make headliner stay connected to ceiling some how. The Velcro tape works.

You will now need to order the Starlight Kit on Amazon, which comes with the tool for inserting each individual fiber optic strand into headliner. A 450 strand should work for 4-seat Gem. More or less will work. This is also where you get to choose features of the LED system. Mine will go with the music if I wish, along with 100’s of colors.

Keep strands as long as possible!!!

Once you start attaching the fibers into headliner, I suggest you find a comfortable spot……… you are going to be there for a long while. 450 holes, if you go with that kit. If it were me, I’d have headliner in front of TV on sofa, while I inserted each individual strand into headliner. Remember, this is where you save money by not paying someone to do it a shop labor rates.

Thank god it looks best when it’s random. I couldn’t imagine doing this and having to be exact.

Once you have gotten all the strands inserted into headliner, you will now take all those strands and bunch them together towards the passenger rear pillar. The strands will all fit nicely down the pillar.

The next advice is IMPORTANT

You will be cutting the fiber optic strands evenly at the end, so they all fit into projector receptacle. Make the strands long enough so that there is enough room to go down, then up into projector that is mounted to crossbar behind seat, at approx mid level of your back. You will see what I mean, when you take seat back off. It’s important that the strands go up into projector……NOT down into projector. This will keep you from blowing out the projector every time it rains or you wash the car. This is my biggest aggravation. My strands go down into projector because the fabricator cut them too short. The rain or water follows the pillar and blows out my projector. This wouldn’t happen if the projector was inverted. Learn from the mistake made on my Gem.

I also have undercarriage lights too.

Since you have a 4 seater, I would go 2 speakers and soundbar. My sound bar works excellent as a single unit, but is only a front or rear speaker. If it gets faded on controller, it’s like turning it down. That wouldn’t happen if I also has speakers too. However, my soundbar can go BEYOND loud. It cranks! It’s obnoxiously loud if needed. It must have a built in power amp.I know I have a Clarion Marine head unit.

My floorboard is Green Diamond Plating. It’s well done and the perfect flooring.

Let me know if there are any questions that I can answer. I will do a thread with pictures when I service my headliner. Probably next month

Also, for those that like the color of The Green Lantern? It is the same color green as a limited edition 2018 Mercedes Benz AMG GT R

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