Ultra Battery

Here is a response from Austrailia I got on the new ultra battery

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the UltraBattery forwarded to Enquiries from Kirsten Lea at CSIRO Energy Technology. Note that this research has already now been commercialized overseas.

The “UltraBattery” is a hybrid energy storage device that integrates a supercapacitor with a lead acid battery in one unit cell. This unique design harnesses the best of both technologies to produce a battery that can provide high power discharge and charge with a long, low-cost life. Developed by CSIRO Energy Technology as part of the Energy Transformed Flagship research program, the UltraBattery has applications for use in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) with further research aimed at resolving issues of intermittency in capturing energy produced from renewable sources.

In 2007 CSIRO signed an UltraBattery commercialisation and distribution agreement with Japan’s Furukawa Battery Company and United States manufacturer, East Penn.

The exclusive sub-license agreement will see the UltraBattery distributed by East Penn to the automotive and motive power sector throughout North America, Mexico and Canada while Furukawa Battery Company will release the technology in Japan and Thailand.

Information about the companies and FAQ’s is available from: UltraBattery FAQs (Fact Sheet)

For further information about CSIRO’s UltraBattery project, please refer to the following information available on our website:

Project – “UltraBattery: no ordinary battery”: UltraBattery: no ordinary battery (Profile - Project)

Media Release - UltraBattery sets new standard for HEVs: UltraBattery sets new standard for HEVs (Media Release)

Media Release – “Smarter energy storage for solar and wind power”: Smarter energy storage for solar and wind power (Media Release)

SOLVE Magazine (2008) – “How tomorrow’s cars will leave a lighter footprint” - ENERGY: How tomorrow’s cars will leave a lighter ‘footprint’

SOLVE Magazine (2004) – “Why batteries may not live forever”: CSIRO SOLVE: Energy Storage - Why batteries may not live forever

I hope this assists with your enquiry. If you have any further enquiries regarding CSIRO and its research capabilities, please contact us at enquiries@csiro.au

I am checking to see if Decka has plans to manufacture theese in the near future.

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