Two Motors = Two Controllers?

Hi Guys! I’m considering doing a two motor setup on my 48v motorcycle. If I have a single 700 amp controller, would it just evenly divide the power between the two motors… i.e. 350 amps to each motor? My guess, is that using two motors with one controller is pointless… because you’re just dividing power and not creating more. So the answer is TWO controllers?? Any help from someone who’s done this before would be great. I’m sure there’s things that I’m overlooking. Thank you!!!

This is an educated guess. I think that the issue with using 1 controller would be that the effective resistance of the motors are not the same. That would cause more draw and work on one of them if the impedance difference is large enough. The one controller setup wouldn’t work well at all in that case. If they are very similar I would think that it would be fine.

Thanks Jebnar… That sounds right to me. I’m using two identical Lockheed T-33 Jet starter motors (series), with a labeled max current draw of 1000 amps. The issue I was worried about, is if one controller would get over taxed. If I use two 48v 700amp controllers, I don’t think they’ll starve the motors at all. Plus, I’m going for off-the-line torque, so I think two is the way to go… Theoretically!!!

Even though the motors are the same brand/model, there will be slight differences. One way may be to wire them up in series and double the voltage if the controller allows. Placing them in parallel will cause a bit more strain on the controller.

The problem with having two controllers is that they may not have the same output, i.e. one motor/controller combo may actually be powering the other. It happens in car audio with multiple amps, but now days there are master amplifiers and slave amplifiers working *together, not against each other.

You may be right on that… Even with two identical controllers and two identical motors, there may be slight variations. So one system may be taking 60% of the load, and 40% on the other… I wonder if that is acceptable? The only reservation I have is that the weaker system may get damaged from being spun at a higher RPM than the other. OR, it’s just completely redundant because one motor is straining to pull the load AND the other motor. Is that right? Is there a way to make the 2 & 2 work??