Turning over a new LEAF

I’ve just replaced my Mk 1 Nissan LEAF with the latest and greatest version.

I wasn’t planning on doing so. I lease my car, because I worked out that my monthly lease was less than the cost of pumping petrol into my previous gas-guzzler. The dealer phoned up, told me they were doing some special offers, and suggested I come in and see what could be done.

I told him that my lease wasn’t due and that my car was well over its mileage allowance. He shrugged and told me he could do the maths…

He was right, he could. I ended up swapping my old car for a brand new one, paying exactly the same amount of money and no penalties for high mileage. Result!

Love the new car. Faster charging, better range and a better heating system. Lots of minor improvements. Very pleased.