Focus vs. Leaf

I apologize if I am repeating this question. I live in the State of Oklahoma, in the USA. I am thinking of leasing a Ford Focus EV or a Nissan Leaf. Does anyone have any strong convictions on the subject?

I like both cars. But a quick drive does not tell the entire story.

They both lease for the same money

I am partial to the Ford. But the Nissan is still nice.

I’ll give a vote for the Nissan, although I agree that both are good. I had the oportunity to spend some time with the Ford before I bought the Leaf. The Leaf I found to have more rear space and a quieter ride, wheras the Focus has more power. Many of the programmed advantages that the Leaf had at that time have now been added to the Focus through updates I understand. I guess it’s up to personal prefferences and what’s the best deal you can get since both are quite nice.


I appreciate the response. I agree with everything that you said. I would like to buy American, if I can. Ford and Nissan are offering great lease rates at the moment. I am afraid those will go away when the 2014s appear.


The Honda Fit electric has a sweet lease deal available as well, but I have heard that it’s difficult to impossible to get one right now.

New information to me. I will call Honda this afternoon.


/s/ Tom Milam, Jr.

If I remember correctly it was $0 down, $199 per month, no mileage cap and a level 2 charger. Which would explain why they are hard to find!

I have driven the Nissan overnight. I thought it was a fine automobile.

Would like to drive a Ford Focus overnight. They cannot find the 110 volt cord for it. Will drive it as soon as possible.

I believe that I can lease a fully optioned Ford Focus EV for 295.00 a month. This would include added mileage, 15,000 a year. I have a Mercedes Diesel that I would use for road trips. Or one of our CNG Hondas, if it is in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has lot’s of CNG stations.

The range was a problem with the Leaf. I understand that it will be a problem with the Focus. Stopped at a “Whole Foods Store” and was able to get free electricity. Made it home, barely.

Yes, they both are compareable in range. How is the situation there in EV charging stations. I’m in upstate NY and they are still tough to come by here at this time.

Tough in Oklahoma. A couple of stations at Whole Foods.

We have lot’s of CNG stations. I am guessing that there will be more charging stations in the future.


I have a wind generator still in crates. I need to get motivated and erect same.

When you get it put together I would like to hear how it works out. I hope to go solar in the not too distant future. Love the idea of driving on star power!

focus! of course