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Lawrence RhodesDec 27 10:54 AM

I was at my Nissan dealer to look for a new Leaf as I’m selling the vegmobile. They want 5k down to lease an SV and get a payment near 200 a month. The buy back will now be lower. I didn’t even ask about the SL…You may get 0% financing if you buy but getting one of the 107 mile Leafs is at the top of our list. Later for that. The spectacular thing for buyers/not for Nissan is used Leafs are going for very little and certified used Leafs are very reasonable in price. The thing to look for is 2013 or newer Leafs with 6.6 charging & Chademo. We got an S with 2,600 miles for 14k. That is 60 months of payments of 258 dollars. It is near pristine. This is including tax, license out the door with no out of pocket or payment till February. If you liked your 2012/2011 Leaf this is a chance to get a vehicle for less than the buy back price of a lease. Don’t bother with 2012 or 2011 Leafs. They are limited to 3.3 charging. But I’d buy one for a lot less. There may be some really good deals on older Leafs but I didn’t look into it. But I’d bet on it. Our only negative was no cruise control or trunk cover. Lawrence Rhodes

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Lawrence RhodesToday at 9:40 AM

The Leaf has 4 charging standards. 120v any plug like a GEM 21 hours to full charge from zero. This connector is included with the car. 220 3.3 or 6.6. 7 hour or 3.5 hours to full from zero. Chademo direct DC fast charging. 30 minutes to 80 percent charge. The charger is in the car but in their wisdom have made a relay or contactor mandatory is the J1772 charging standard so you can’t just plug in to any outlet without that J1772 connector. Don’t get confused. A charging station is only a connection to power and not a charger. Again the charger is in the car. But those of us that know have found simple solutions like on the Leaf there is a service for 300 dollars that will take your 110 connector and with adapters you can plug into anything. This is the way it should be like if you wanted to charge at KOA. Used Leafs start at below 10k in California. Don’t buy a leaf unless you can get the 6.6 charger and Chademo DC Quick Charging on the car. So for little more than you paid for a new GEM you can get a Leaf. Hope that explains some stuff. Don’t forget to do a Carfax on your Leaf purchase. Lawrence Rhodes

The Nissan Leaf has to be one of the more popular electric vehicles of the modern age? When I think of the first electric vehicles to hit the market this is a name which always springs to mind.

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The Leaf is an enclosed, comfortable, normal & zippy car. The only drawback is you have to stop every so often to charge. We use ours to go back and forth from numerous different venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mostly from San Francisco to San Jose. Many times we get free charging at Adobe who graciously allows EV drivers to use employee charging and parking for free. I used to send my wife out with a veggie mobile which was great on the pocket book but grate on me when I had to rescue her in the middle of nowhere when the fuel filter would clog up. Once she was driving the Leaf no more car trouble. This week as you know I got rid of my Mercedes 300TD. Trusty as she was the Leaf is a step up. No worries car with a long battery warranty. Check Niss an for current statistics on that. However the 2012 we are leasing has maybe 80% of the range of our newer Leaf. This is with 36k on the clock. If it goes below a certain point Nissan will replace the pack under warranty. Nissan promises replacement packs for 5500 dollars. Lawrence Rhodes

Nissan seem to offer good customer support from what I see and hear?