Did you buy or lease your Nissan Leaf?

Many people are still sitting on the fence with regards to electric vehicles and their short to medium term value therefore the option to buy or lease a Nissan Leaf has given electric vehicle followers food for thought. So, did you decide to buy or lease your Nissan Leaf?

I leased a 2012 Leaf. Nissan offered a great deal and they assume all the risk. I am sure there will very different choices for concideration by the time my lease is up. If I like what I have, I can always make a purchase.

Hi Samway47

How are you finding your Nissan Leaf?

I am thinking about leasing a Leaf in the next few weeks as the lease offers are quite attractive.

I just leased a 2015 base model a week ago! My daily commute is @ 42 miles. So far so good. I’m lovin’ the car pool lane!