Turn signals not working

Everything works on my think except the turn signals. No turn signal lights at all. Any idea where start?

I just had this issue when I was doing the LED headlight update. No turn signals or hazard. Followed the Electronics troubleshooting steps from the service manual and it was saying to replace the stalk multifunction switch, which I wasn’t keen to do. Then, magically, they started working again. Here was the issue: The hazard switch was on (up), but it is the thing that’s broken. If the hazard switch is on, even if nothing is happening, then the turn signals did nothing. I’d check to make sure it’s down, first. Failing that, you can download the service manuals (#4 is Electronics) and there is a step-by-step process there to troubleshoot.

Are you saying that if the hazard switch it stick in the upright position/broken, this could be the cause of the turn signals and reverse lights not working.? ThankS

Yes that would cause your problem. Follow the pinpoint tests in the service manual to figure out if the multifunction switch is the problem. If you need a copy of the manual send me your email address.