Total Newb Here.....Chevy Bolt?

Hello, I am a former Prius owner looking into a very enticing deal on a 2019 Chevy Bolt.

Please forgive my dumb questions…there are a lot of posts in this group!

I drive 100 miles a day and have charging stations available at the office for free. At home, however I only have a 110 outlet available. Is this going to be acceptable for charging overnight? I don’t really understand if I have to have a 220 outlet or if I absolutely MUST have a charger installed of some sort.

Also, I understand that the tax incentive has been reduced or maybe even eliminated on Chevy alternative fuel vehicles. What can you tell me about that? My Prius had a small state incentive that I took advantage of at tax time…does it work the same way?

Finally, are there any pitfalls of the Bolt in particular. Seems like the range is very good and the car doesn’t require much maintenence. Any problems?

Thanks in advance…

Using a 110v for charging you are going to get about 3 or 4 miles per hour.
Using a 220/30amp (dryer outlet per se) you will get about 20 - 23 miles per hour.

I believe the full tax incentive is still in place for Chevy - but again you would have to check, I am a Tesla guy. Unless you need an SUV I would defiantly check out the Model 3 - best EV on the market right now for the price in my option, just my .02

You will have to do the math to find out what will work for you. I forgot the max range on Bolt?

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We have a 2019 Bolt, both my wife (primary driver) and I like it. Had two Volts previously and the Bolt is much nicer.

I installed a Clipper Creek Charge station using our old electric stove circuit so it’s 220v. Cost about $500 for part, self installed.

We haven’t put more on than 50 miles at one time, don’t think I have seen it below 100 miles remaining yet. Always charges up between 4 and 7 am, a setting I control.

If you can charge on a fast charger at work you’ll be fine with having the 110v cord for emergency.

We no longer have any range anxiety. If you drive in stop and go, you actually gain a bit from regen braking. Best I have seen is 240 miles remaining.

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