Chevy BOLT 1st deliveries and owners

The new Chevy BOLT is now being delivered in California and Oregon. Please share your news about being the 1st to get one. Or if a neighbor or relative gets one let us all know.
It is better than we were told?
Does it charge well even in the COLD or HEAT?
Is the range even further or less than the EPA estimate?
How many miles per kWh do you get ?

What do you like best about the BOLT?

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And now it’s real.

Just 23 months after GM CEO Mary Barra unveiled the Chevrolet Bolt concept at the Detroit Auto Show, the very first production versions of Chevy’s 238-mile electric car to be sold were delivered this morning to eager San Francisco Bay Area buyers.

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV will be sold first in California and Oregon, and then roll out to selected dealers throughout the rest of the U.S. over the next six months.

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IMHO the BOLT will do more to advance the Electric vehicle future in the United States than any previous electric. Heres why:

  1. It looks GOOD.

  2. Performance is on par with contemporary fossil fuel cars.

  3. Range of 90+ miles meets most peoples needs.

  4. Its affordable.

  5. It’s a CHEVY!

What say you?


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Yes the BOLT is a leader in range and price and is only missing the Fast Charge locations for cross country driving. If they work out a sharing option with Tesla or wait 2 to 4 years there may be more DC Fast Chargers but they are still twice as slow as the FREE Tesla Super Chargers. It can cover 90% of all local driving so it’s a game changer. Plus a Nationwide service center ability.

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