Total length of battery cables

Does anyone know how many total feet of battery cables are in a classic 4 seater with 6 12v batteries? Building new cables for entire car due to age and corrosion. Want to make sure to order enough cable. TIA

@grantwest @LithiumGods @Inwo @Old_Houseboater any ideas or info you are willing to share?

I dont have the answer but it will depend on what year it is . I might have some good battery cables for a late model i would sell if that is what you have .

Besides the runs to the front you don’t need much, I have some in my garage I can measure but I bet they are less than a foot each between the batteries. Don’t you have the one’s that are currently installed?

My friend had 26’ of 2/0 tinned marine cable, 20 5/6 connectors and the end shrink he will sell me real real cheap. Was trying to find out if that was enough before I purchased.

Yes. Was going to do them 1 at a time so no mixups. Somehow I am the one bad stuff happens to. Lol

2000 four seater. Trojan batteries.

Without looking at my 2002, e825, 26’ is plenty. Start with the 2 long runs and work long to short on remaining ones. At worst case, you’d need to buy one short commercial cable if you run out.

Cool. Thanks everyone for the help.