Tomberlin NEV E4-2008

Out with the Volt and in with 120ah 24s LTO lithium pack.
Hate to mess up my Volt upgrade, but need something to test my plywood battery pack.
Getting to the end of 16,000lb of batteries. Could not convince anyone else to build an EV pack.
So here goes.
Perfect fit so far with no planning. I just built the pack the size they are. 2p 12s each.<imgsrc="/uploads/electricforum/original/1X/824b80cddcc57dfcb36cd0206129c416c10a022a.JPG" width=“640” height=“480”>

Getting close now.
Safety switch “mounted”.
Shunt mounted for wireless meter.
Scary part is over. Plugging in the Volt switch.

1/2" too big for space between the battery boxes. So I call that a good fit. :slight_smile:

New BMS-24 for these 2.3 volt LTO batteries.
Plug and play.
Added the shunt to my other wireless meter shunt.
Left settings at defaults.
Plugged white wire in from charger.

I jumped the gun and sold my 48v charger.
Now it doesn’t matter. 72v will be controlled by BMS.

Still would like to find a 48v DQ for faster charging.

Charging with bms is great. It operates from high cell. When reach 2.75v charger turns off. (adjustable)
Balancing continues by shunting high cell at 1.2a.
When goes down to 2.65v charger turns on. (adjustable)
Trigger time set at 10seconds. (adjustable)

By doing this, you are assured of a full charge with no danger of over charging the high cell.
Same can be done on the bottom end. I believe it’s not needed though. Most controllers will shut down early enough.