Time to change the Rubber Transmission Mounts

Here is what my car did to the Rubber Transmission mounts. This is about 4 years of wear and Tear with the BIG AC motor

I have steeped in about 1-1/2 ago and modified them and tryed tuning them up. But as expected they needed to replaced.

“Mr Assembly required “steeped in and sent me 2 sets of New Transmission Mounts from McMaster car! How cool of him! Thank You.

Set #1 is a 300lb Rated mounts. These ones are black. I’m guessing the rubber hardness is much Harder then set #2

This is Set # 2 are Grey. They are rated at 150 Pounds.

The test was to see if the 300Lb ones transfer more transmission Noise then the softer 150 Pound set

What set should I start with?

Since the mounts are on each side of the gearbox, but the heavy motor cantilever weight off the pass side I was thinking that side is carrying most of the weight.

You could use the 300 on the pass side and the 150 on the driver side.

Even crazier concept would be to split the bumpers and put the 300 halves on the bottoms (because - gravity) and use the 150’s for the top halves.

It would have been good to get some vid under there while driving around to see how much the engine torque makes it roll forward and backward with the loose mounts.

Do you have a motor strap to take the weight of the big iron motor off the gearbox?

To many diffrent ideas

Oh no!
I broke Grant!

Not new. I can’t find i picture, but i have always supported the heavy motor with a rachet strap.

What !!!

This is the first I’m hearing about a motor support

Wish I could find a picture. My last new gem has been sold. I left the support even after swapping back to the oem motor.
There are framing members above the motor. Wrap a strap around the motor and over the frame. Tighten strap just enough to unload the rubber bumpers. My rubber didn’t last a week without support.
The strap doesn’t seem to conduct noise, but my hearing is pretty bad.
I need to go back to our first motor noise posts for pictures. I thought everyone was doing it.

I remember seeing that. I am looking through posts trying to find it too.

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Dave I know the frame support you’re taking about above the motor. What “strap” can you recommend. I can see a support strap helping out like you say.

I just use a strap that I had here.

That’s Easy enough. I have an extra - 1 or 2 of them around. How much tension did you strap Up on the motor. When I changed the mounts, you can clearly see how Un evenly balanced the motor is. It weighs heavy towards the passenger side

Grant- You are actually quite creative at fabrication. Is there a place to come off your motor with a bracket or brace, then come down to target the sub frame and land on a couple of those extra bumper/isolators?

That’s really what this motor needs.

I have a motor here. I’ll go take a look at this thought.

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The Motor has a few empty bolt holes you could mount a bracket or mount something to the motor. The strap will work fine but if you want to be fancy I’m sure I could come up with something.
A drop link like what the sway bar arms use would be a cool way to dial in the adjustment

Great idea. Try the strap first. See what you think. Still no picture. :frowning:

On a Different topic I sure would like to try the 10:35 transmission. Michale McCormick said the New transmissions in the Newer gems are pretty quiet. I wonder what a new set of 10:35’s would be like in a new Transmission

Someone on FB got a 10:1 by mistake. I wonder if he would trade.

Are the Gears In the Transmission already?

Do you have a link or contact

It’s a long shot. He seems happy with the gears. Maybe even sold the car by now.
He kind of pimps R4F on FB. Sort of a dealer I think.
Check your messages. I linked us, just in case.
Yes, he is driving car. That makes an easy swap right?