2019 Transmission Mounts

Hey I got to check out these Isolation Mounts on this 2019 Gem. The car was very quiet and smooth.

That’s the Polaris quiet kit, Polaris sells

PN 2207577 $377

I’ve driven a 2022 model and Polaris went back to the Rubber bumpers, Its very quiet and they cost around $20 ea
give it a try before spending almost $400 like I did :upside_down_face:

If you still want to go this route, I have the kit for sale

So this is what I have seen .

2016-17 No isolation
2017-2018 Isolation kit #1
2019-2022 Isolation kit #2 (in photos)

So The newer kits looks to be a more complex 2 piece kit. And I don’t know if it’s a optical Illusion but the transmission seemed like it was sitting higher with this 2.0 kit then with the 1.0 kit that my car has.

Not what I’ve seen, the 2019-2022 ones have Same brackets than 2016 + bumpers,

That kit you show in the pics I’ve seen it in 2018 and prob 2019 (actually it won’t show up in the catalog if you put anything other than 2018.

Off topic here, the newer carts use plastic brake lines? WTF?

Why would you do this? - Start a new thread… it’s not that hard.

The Guy said the car was a 2019 so perhaps he told me a “porky pie”

When @Erniea15 and I looked at and drove a 22’ in SD I don’t remember it having that “box” type mount. it looked like the standard ones from 16 - 17’ but with a new style rubber mount.

No need for a thread, was a simple question regarding the picture above that seems to show plastic brake lines.

Those are not plastic, those are braided lines with plastic protective covers.

Here’s a picture

So you think Polaris transmission mounts went like this.

2016 No Isolation
2017 1.0 isolation mounts
2018-2019- 2.0 (box style Isolation Mounts)
2019-2022 Return back to 1.0 Isolation Mounts

Difference is the way the rubber sandwich is stacked.

Is there a rubber disc on the underside of the frame mount in that last pic Ernie?
For proper isolation either the motor plate or the frame needs to be covered on both sides.

Unless you go full Big Mac and go bun/meat/bun/meat/bun.
(bun being rubber and meat being metal)

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It is just meat/bun/meat on the 2022 model

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It sounds like Gear/motor noise is being transferred via the hard points and the bolt going right through the middle to the hard points.

Some engineer wasn’t paying attention.
A bean counter took away a bun and thought it cool to charge you extra to put it back.

yea, but that 2022 is QUIET!! - that is the strange thing.

And that 22 has Rodney 12:1 gears… Quiet!!! Minus the low speed electronic noise maker that has to be installed.

I’m working on a theory.
Does the 22 (ac motor) have a fully supported armature? (i.e.- motor bearings both ends?

Wire cutters can fix that

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I installed the quiet kit on a 2017 with Rodney gearbox. Very quiet. It is a hard install because it really takes two people to get the bolts installed into the main motor railing. Maybe if it were on a lift one person could do it. Be careful if you put in a quiet kit, the two brackets look almost the same but the holes are not in the same place. One is left and one is right. not saying how I found out…
The rubber mounts fit into the hole so the bolt does not touch.