Throttle tester tester?

Looking for a throttle tester tester.
Thanks to @grantwest ! :slight_smile:

What exactly is this supposed to do?

Yes I have a few cars I can try it on

Probably need one with a bad throttle to see if it has enough sensitivity.
It plugs into the throttle. Switch will illuminate green led. It should be steady through full range.
Red led should come on after green and get brighter from zero to full throttle.
I have a feeling that most are switch failures. As it’s not a switch but a sliding set of contacts. Both contacts must be noiseless. An instantaneous open will trigger a fault.

I’m trying to determine the best “fix”.

  1. External switch add-on.

Ver. 2 bolt on.

MVC-008F ![MVC-




maybe also a brake switch will work ?

Any switch will work, but it must be perfectly timed to activate before throttle voltage reaches
1.4v. -05


Almost ready to test hall effect solid state throttle switch replacement.
This should be easy enough to test on my car.

So far so good. I need to drive it for a while.

MVC-004F MVC-005F

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If needed, I can (I think) make one that adapts a Saturn throttle. No internal mods or breaking the seal.

Plug and play.

Dave it’s hard to read your Photos with text in RED. Next time try White or a white box with RED text inside? It’s very hard to read

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Made you look though! I was too lazy to change it.

“Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?”

This is an unmodified Saturn with external switch. Seems to work fine on my Gem. Initial volts at idle 500mv high. As switch comes on quickly it should be ok.


I will need some testing and feed back to see if this can be marketed.

  1. The switch may be the failure point in most cases. Repair would then only need the switch. A. hardwire switch to stock harness. B. plug in custom harness. More $$$$

  2. Replace with Saturn throttle, remounted in Gem. A. hardwire switch. B. P&P throttle/switch assembly.

  3. Install Gem “?” shaped pedal on Saturn throttle module. Cut and drill. A. & B. Same wire issues as above.


Looks like you’ve got another great idea brewing here.

I need the correct person with a known bad throttle to test it, before sticking someone with it.
Then if it works, a good mechanic can build replacement throttles for <$100.
May be simpler than shown. The Saturn could work if remounted upside down without reworking the foot pad arm. As first picture of Saturn with switch.

Sending throttles and test parts to evaluate.
Which address?

Please send it to the Lake House.
I have a throttle that is acting up and this “Test unit” should sort things out

Did you ever get one working for the 2013 model. I’m in need of. Code 11 and 13