Thoughts on retrofit for rear of GEM

Can I get your thoughts on whether or not this might be able to retrofit on my GEM? My inmediate concerns would be weight… Thoughts?

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I built several seat kits. A 2" Rear lift takes care of the needs.


If you have a two seater and if the front wheel are powered you will no traction with people in that rear seat. I have a hard time now just going up my driveway with two people in my E85 because the front wheels lose all of their traction.

Build one myself out of wood. Works fine remember that you can’t connect to the suspension in the body. They pivot so it would screw everything up

EZ Back up the drive.

Yeah, Rod that works but it gets old fast in a hilly town like I live in.

Get a Yamaha gas cart.


Gas engines are outlawed here unless they were grandfathered in years ago.

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