The new Jaguar I-PACE

Here it is, the Jaguar I-Pace Concept car

I actually love the design and even though it’s currently a concept prototype I do think customers thinking of buying a Tesla would hold back due to this.

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Everyone seems to want a bit of Tesla’s action in the luxury end of the EV market. A lot of prototype cars look very similar in style to Tesla cars but will these companies actually deliver? EV fans want their cars now, not 2,3,4, etc years down the line. There is big competition out there for Tesla but will these prototypes actually hit the road? Will they be affordable? How much improvement will we see in Tesla’s own technology between now and when these prototypes go on sale?

It is easy to sell a concept car/prototype but developing this into a widely available and affordable EV is not as easy.

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Here is another video on the I-Pace:

@Cleanenergy This vehicle goes on sale in 2018, and it is now (for all intents and purposes) 2017!..just a year away my brother. I think this one is coming online to consumers. I don’t think it is a 3 or 4 year “concept promise”. They seem to have a working prototype which is nearly the one we’ll see one year from now.

To your point, from a conversation last week:

The fact that Tesla released its patents to competitors, will accelerate the birth of new EV into the marketplace. That is the genius behind Elon Musk. He knows that he needs to first solidify the EV marketplace and industry before he can solidify his legacy and that of Tesla Motors.

Do we have an indicative price at the moment? It is easy to build a concept car when there is nothing to compare it to and charge whatever you like but if you are attacking the Tesla market then there is already a price comparison there. Price is becoming more of a selling point as the electric car market gets more crowded.