The bolt pattern controversy

The bolt pattern controversy.
The true bolt pattern for all GEM cars is 4x4" not 4x100mm. That’s a 1.6mm difference. That might not sound like much, but here’s an example. Take a 4x100 wheel from a Mazda Miata and try to fit it onto your hub… it wont go on. I know a lot of guys have used after market wheels that supposed to be 4x100. my guess is the bolt holes would have to be slotted in order for them to fit properly. The beveled end of the lug nuts have to seat in the beveled holes in order to center the wheel properly. Otherwise you’ll have problems. If you use 4x100 wheels, make sure they don’t just slide onto the hub OK, but actually fit and seat properly.
Here’s a couple diagrams I made to help show what I’m referring to.I hope this helps.

Alloy wheels won’t fit but stamped steel wheels usually will.