4x4 or 4x100

Which is it for the bolt pattern? I have seen this posted numerous places saying that both of these are the correct measurement. They are close but not the same. Is there a place within the GEM/Polaris documentation that definitively states the exact bolt pattern?

On the GEM, I measure 3.93" across which equals 100mm. My VW measures the same and is listed everywhere as 4X100. I have not found any GEM documentation that specifically indicates the wheel bolt pattern on the 4 lug GEMs.


Thanks I appreciate the input

i put 4x100 on mine and no problems

I used a Honda 1990-2005 4x100 wheel when I put larger tires on the car… went to Discount Tire


OK, for what its worth… according to my service manual, the bolt pattern for my 05 eS is 4X4 that said, I’ve seen others here that have used 4X100 with no problem. So either there isn’t enough difference between the two or GEM uses two different hubs. :confused2:

think youre ok with 4x100… someplace I posted a list of cars using that wheel… I picked the 200-2004 Honda Sol… I think… from Discount Tire… picked the wheel/tire combo on line then went to the store… the wheel was 14x6… 4x100 38smf… mb viper, tire 185/65R-14 Falken Sincera SN-828… bought them 2/4/12 haven’t had a problem


Other than stud thread sizes, the rear brake assemblies of all four stud GEMs are the same all the way back. All of these are 4X100.

OK, but why does the service manual state they are 4X4? :confused2:

Not sure. Just checked mine and it does say 4X4. My measurement on three different GEMs came out to 3.940" or so. 100 mm is exactly 3.937". The wheel studs are metric, the brake lines are metric, and the brake assemblies were made in Italy. This same manual shows SAE fasteners on the parking brake lever. All of ours use 8mm metric thread. Some of the great GEM mysteries. No one at GEM was able to tell me what the wear limit is on the brake drums. Having changed brakes on dirt bikes, locomotives and everything in between, there is always a published wear limit on brake surfaces. They also give no wear specifications on the motor armature, again because they consider it disposable. These same manuals contain much obsolete information because GEM has not updated them in years. Still not sure, but my measurements are within .003" of exactly100 mm. I have seen 12" galvanized boat trailer tires on a few GEMs at various marinas I have stayed in. I know these trailer wheels are 4X4. The marinas might be using them because they won’t rust around salt water.


Really is strange, just for laughs I went out and measured my (05) eS with my calipers.
it measures 4" dead on. don’t know if thread is metric or SAE. I’ll have to check it out tomorrow.