4x4 vs 4x100 bolt pattern

I have heard of people using Honda rims with a 4x100 pattern but I’m not sure that the wheel will seat all the way. Does anyone have any experience with this?

A little information can be found here: http://www.electricforum.com/cars/gem-e2-forum/5546-lift-kits-bigger-rims-tires-bolt-pattern.html


I have an 09 -4 seater and I’m running 17" Mini rims on mine and they are 4X100. The offset is not correct so I have ordered 1.25" 4X4 to 4X100 spacers. The 4X100 will bolt up fine but since I needed a large spacer it was just as easy to order the 4X4 to 4x100…

The correct offset will effect if the rear spat will sit correct centered over the tires but it will need to be raised slightly. In my case, yours may be different.

I love the ride, love the tracking and the height is so much better. I have had 1 overheating problem that I attributed to the tires and loose cables. Not sure if one or the other caused the issue. Good luck

I have Honda wheels on my car… about drove the tire shop guys nuts looking for the Honda that needed wheels… have had the wheels on for almost 4 years and have had no problems


Went with 14" rims on a 4x4 pattern with tires 225/35r 14. Total wheel height is just under 20" and fits snugly underneath the rear spat without modification. Total cost was $575 and I think it’s the best look for the least modification.

because I have the eS with the short bed I could go taller… I went to a 185/65 R14 which is 23-1/2" tall… gave me more top end speed…

yours look really good… photos of mine… the original wheels which were 12" and the parade photo with the 14" vs the yellow car behind with the 12"


Just take a look at innovations motor sports cars, They are all on 16 and 17’s… Personally I do not like the “golf cart” look of 12’s 14’s or other small tires but there is something to be said for easy, I wont say it but you will hear it allot…Good luck, hope you find the info you are looking for

I agree… I was on a budget and the wheel and tire combo fit what I could spend… being retired sucks… other than it gives me more time to drive around… I like the looks of my tires… the IMS larger tires are low profile… not sure there cars don’t ride more like a buckboard than mine… just reposted a photo of an e4 that they had picked up ‘on trade’… hmmm I may have to drop a dime on them and trade my eS for a custom e4… my FB page is GEM car Photos should you want to drop by or join… I’m GEM car Colorado there as well