Tesla3 20s build

Just getting started.
Cells are mapped and discharge jig is draining the unwanted bricks. 2 in this case as it needs 5 bricks removed from the middle.
My last Tesla3 module and it’s sold. These make great Gem batteries and I’m hoping someone will pick up the torch.

Well I think I am going to have to pick up the torch… I have a 25S in my garage that we will need to split eventually. Sooner than later actually. Glad I will have a good teacher :slight_smile:


Hey Mike, on that battery, isn’t your wife going to notice that her car doesn’t go zinnng anymore?

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I might just sign on as the West Coast rep.

Day 4:
Hard part is done. Stacked and connected in series.

Day 5:
Balance leads welded on.
One more day if box gets here.


Box picture.

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@smspring There’s the perfect battery for your 2016!

There’s a shipment coming from MN to San Diego the end of July if you want to piggy-back on that.

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Thanks @Erniea15. If it is
Still available @Inwo I’ll take it!

Where are we at? I have a local that could use it in his 72v Bad Boy Buggy.

I gave @smspring the lead batteries out of my 2016 and that got him back up and running for the near term. I think he still wants to go tesla. Let me nudge him out-of-band.

@Inwo @Erniea15 i still want them and the other parts you can supply. But I don’t need them urgently so if you know you will make more in the next couple months then I am
Ok with waiting. Up to you but I am ready to pay as soon as they are shipping.

I will not be making another Tesla battery, but I have a good supply of new batteries.

@Erniea15 @Inwo I would still like the Tesla and other parts. Could I give you a deposit while we wait on the shipper?

I believe the shipper will be in San Diego
On the 24th for Ernie’s older gem.

Yes, send some money and I’ll get it ready for him.
DCI delta-q charger?

If you go all in with Ernie, that’s some serious investment. :slight_smile:

@Erniea15 @smspring
I have the motor drilled. For a new Gem correct?
Ernie should have all his parts and can give me a list of what to get ready.
George had email trouble but is responding now.

  • 8kw motor (drilled if you’ve got it)
  • new sevcon s4 72 volt controller programmed for 48v contactor
  • deltaq charger
  • telsa 20s battery, in case, jk BMS
  • wiring harness for the accelerator and directional control

He has a 2016 just like mine. Previous owner changed the gears so it does 30mph now… guess those are the 12:1 gears.

That should make it almost identical to mine. So once I get around to doing mine, should have it all figured out to help Steve

I eventually want to explore the super charger option… But I’ll worry about that later when I’m up and running.

Trying to think of there’s anything else I should buy while George is coming out this way! I have a stock pile of motors. Need to find more cars to put them in :wink:

Tnx, that helps a lot. I got two motors drilled today. Can’t test fit them yet but working on it.
He just sent some money, so I can get it all ready to go.
The JK bms is a different one I’m using now. The two Tesla batteries have “ant” bms with lcd.
Have you looked at yours lately to see if it has a high or low cell?
The one I have here, #3 is always a little low, even if I charge it. After this module was in storage for more than a year cell was only down .2 volts, so not a big issue.
I disconnected the bms/lcd to see if that’s doing it.

This may be a stupid question, but should i at all be concerned about the legality of messing with batteries for EV’s?

Is there a sort of “do’s and dont’s” list that anyone could share? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.