T2 to serial cable/Harness?

Got the sentry software, I think forklift electronics (http://www.forklift-electronics.com/store.htm) has it for $40 or so. Any cheaper options? Here’s a picture of what i need:

Not cheaper, but I have usb version, that also works on T3, T4, T5.
And another that is for T1.
You have the sw?

I have the SW, and a newer PC that has legacy ports so i’m okay with the Serial interface (Skips the driver for the USB to serial interface). Not sure ill get much out of it (the cart will do 27 on flat, but it takes some distance to get there), but the limiter kicks in at 28 going downhill which is annoying and i’d like to ad some regen. Also, it would make switching to bigger wheels/tires in the future be easy to re-calibrate. (On stock 12’s ATM).

Honestly, it wouldn’t be hard to just make on if i could find the controller side plug. It’s only three wires and the pinout is easily available. otherwise i’d just pay the $50 and move on (Probably what i should do anyway but i’d a cheapskate).

T2 Pin out

Pay the $50. I have the connectors, but they are a bear to assemble correctly.

I will do that. Thank you.