GE Sentry Softwear

Hey I just got my hands on the GE sentry Software kit. I got the CD and a connector that will link to a T2 controller. I needed to order a Extra cable that will allow me to Adopt from the nine pin serial port to a USB. Seeing as how my laptop doesn’t have a nine pin serial port .

My question was has anyone played with this software.

And what are the most common adjustments people are making?

This is for a 2002 with a T to controller and a 7.5 hp motor

I just received my GE Sentry Software and cables, mine was for a T3 Controller, I used a Tripp-Lite Model #U209-000-R, purchased it at Amazon for about $20.00, works great, I have not changed any of my settings as of yet, I also have the bigger motor, need to change the RPM’s and a few other things, I did save out my older settings and printed them out also.
Great software, cables are first class, a little learning curve for a few days but it all came together this evening, now I can come back on the forum and read more.
Good Luck

I have a 2005 GEM e2 with the T3 Controller


Interesting enough to I got my cables today. The factory cable is a Joke. It’s stupid that you have to order a secondary cable from a 3rd party vendor just to get started. Ok with that out of the way. I’m ready to go. I need to somehow get the softwear on my laptop (it has no cd drive) and once I get it loaded up “then what”?

I would copy everything on the CD to a USB jump drive and run it from it.

There are three PDF files you should take time to read before you start, I haven’t made any changes to my Controller yet, do make a backup before you do any changes.
I have a controls expert I work with and he will make the changes, he knows motors and controls, was an electric forklift specialist, he now builds special automatic programmers for our assembly lines

Anyone with T2 advice.
I have a T3 in another car with a R4F motor and a 4 pole magnet. Let us know what settings worked out for you

There is a guy on the forum that know more about Gem cars than the people that make them, he’s been away for awhile, a car accident, but back at it now.
His name is Marlon, search it, you should find his email and phone number.

Hope this helps

I’ll try Marlon and see what he has to say


Open this and download and print out the T2 file and study it for at least 3 days. Then write down your questions and I will try to give you the answers.

Download Technical Manuals for Electric Forklift, Golf Cart Controls