Sentry program GE sentry

hi guys, I have a 2002 gem 825. when I bought it in December it came with a GE sentry program. I have a 353T2 controller but this program is IC3645SR7A353T4/T5. QUESTION, can I use this program to reprogram my controller? I don’t think so. help

Yes, sentry works in all of the GE T1-T5.

thanks so much. would you suggest any value changes. ie, high end speed. what are the best changes that you would make.

Hi All,

This maybe a little different question then the form really entailed, but I’m struggling to use this software. Not sure if this is a hardware hookup issue or not knowing how to use the software. Once the software is up that buttons do you press to be able to change parameters? Also attached the photo in case it’s a connection issue.