Need a used T1 Controller...I think

Hello all…my 2000 Gem with the upgraded motor stopped working. All I get is a click when I push the accelerator. I think I may need a controller. Do any of you have a used T1 that might be for sale? Or…any tips to determine if my controller is really toasted?

The controller is what activates the click so not completely dead.
I you know someone with sentry sw, they can test all the ins and outs easily.
Like F-R switch etc.

Can you elaborate on what or who Sentry sw is please? Thank you.

Sentry is the name of the GE programming sw.
With it you can monitor the controller functions, switch positions, voltages, throttle position, etc. on computer.

Ok…yes, understood now. I think a fellow here in San Diego had one and would rent it out, Marlon was/is his name. But I do not think he is in business any longer…

If you are computer savvy, I can rent one. Or you can buy sw and usb dongle for $150.
This one has monitor function, and the programming port stays with the car, for future use.

Thank you. Are you saying I can program from my laptop with the sw and usb dongle? My son-in-law is a software engineer, so that part could be handled. What is the source to purchase these?

My cart is giving a code 65 and when the foot pedal is pressed down it changes to an 06 code.