GE Sentry sw

Serial model sold out.
I can now offer Sentry software for programming GEM T1 controller.

Includes dongle to connect T1 to computer USB port.


Additional plugs. Allows using on multiple cars. $10 with purchase.

I have one original design by Forklift Electronics. Serial port to T1 with sw.

I may be out from time to time, depending on market. These are made to order.

Legit sw. Not bootleg copies.
Limited sw support. I’m a hardware guy. :o:D

Dave can you make the LX programmer work with later controllers?


Good question. I thought about that too.
At this time, no!

I’m thinking the sw would be just as handy after installing it in a simple handheld device.

A project for another day.
If there are computer nerds on here. Help a man out. What would be the simplest (cheap) device to run a windows program?


I don’t know any body that doesn’t have a laptop or I-pad - usually both.