RS232 adaptor for T1 controller


Forklift was kind enough to give me schematic for his discontinued “dongle”

It converts T1 23pin socket to standard serial port.

Just got the boards in today and it works perfectly.

If someone would be a beta tester for me. First one is $10 delivered.

I would expect speedy feedback. So it would have to be someone familiar with Sentry sw and T1.

I understand there may not be much need, but electronics is my hobby.:slight_smile:

Be more desirable to get it to USB without having to purchase a RS232 adaptor. Or at least bundle it with an adaptor that will work for sure.

That’s true. I started designing these boards before I figured that out.:o

I do have a prototype (picture) T1 to USB also. Waiting for cheap parts to see if it’s feasible.

I have a lot of time on my hands.:slight_smile:

Not all RS232 USB adaptors work with this setup. A known working combo would save a lot of frustration for the amateur user.

Will you be able to supply the software?

This is for the T1 controller that does not support RS232. So it doesn’t use/need an adapter, other than the dongle.

Maybe I’ll look into a switchable dongle that does T1 and the newer GE.

No, sw is inexpensive from forklift. ~$35 I think. Or borrow from a friend for one-time use.

I’m only a hardware guy.

The usb to T1 dongle works !

If a buyer has multiple cars, I can supply extra access cables, to permanently install.

Monitor functions are accessible with this kit, to keep an eye on current, voltage, and switches, while on the road.

The three pins easily push into unused holes after removing the orange retainer.

The connections for using sentry software remain permanently connected.
No need to remove dash or plug and unplug connectors for programming.
Monitor and graph voltage and current while in use.

No, I don’t sell sw.:o

I’ve been making custom cables and dongles for connecting to computer.