LX handset

Some of you may know. I’ve been making cables for 8p and 12p controllers.

Just picked up a “like new” programmer.

I’d like to offer here before Ebay.

Nicest one I’ve seen!

$200 with three cables.

I’ll get a pic later…

Thats a heck of a deal.


Looks like it’s never been out of the case.

If that’s too much money, how about 99 for T1 dongle to USB?

Ebay # 231859411891

Includes Sentry sw. Return sw for $25 credit for any reason.

Add $50 for T2-T4 USB cable.

Here is one that just popped up for $99 :slight_smile:

I have cables available.

Ebay # 172120700181

Here are some pictures of T1 dongle.

The one is just three wires with pins to snap into existing 23p plug.
You would need one for each vehicle.
The other includes the 23p plug to use on multiple vehicles.

The advantage of the permanently connected wires is using “monitor” function of sentry sw. And not having to deal with disconnecting 23p plug.

Sw can be purchased from “forklift” or me. I get it from them.

Haven’t looked lately, I believe it’s $50.

If you only need it one time, you can return disk to me for credit.

Picked up some more.

No case. T1 or T2 cable.

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