T-1 to T-2 swap out

I wanted to share what I have learned about what it takes to switch out a older T-1 controller to a Newer T-2 controller.

Some of the advantages of a T-2 are higher amperage and the ability to deal with heat that higher HP motors can put on the

I don’t think the T-1 has any issues with the stock 3.5 and 5 Hp motors.
But if you upgrade to the 7.5 or Higher Hp motors your pushing your luck with a T-1.

I installed a 7.5 Ride 4 fun motor and had the controller re programed and with in a week or so I was getting code “-41 Overheating” the T-1 was having issues handling the extra amps the Larger motor was placing on it.
Rebuilding the controller can fix this problem but the T-1s don’t have as much copper in the heat sinks as the T-2s do and rebuilding a T-1 dosen’t add copper for more heat dissipation.

So if you can get your hands on a T-2 and rebuild that then your ahead of the game.

What your going to need to swap out a T-1 to a T-2 is a 10 pin convert cable and a pin 21 to pin 2 jumper.

Here is the 10 pin jumper adaptor that plugs into your Harness and then plugs into the T-2 controller.

This is the Jumper cable that plugs into the 26 pin main connector in the controller

The Jumper pushes into the #21 position of the main controller plug

Edit 7/2/16 Rodney

Changed #23 position to #21 (motor over temp monitor circuit)

Then the jumper plugs into the #2 position wire. This wire is Grey and White. And puts power to the #21 pin.

Edit 7/2/16 Rodney Changed #23 pin to 21 above

With out this jumper you will get error code -90

Could we have sources and part numbers for these?

Sorry I don’t have part numbers for the Jumper wire but the part number for the 10 adapter is in the photo above.

Edit: Rodney 7/2/16 Adaptor Part # 0106-00678 includes the jumper wire

And I have some updated info. Both T-1 and T-2 are 350 Amp controllers. The T-2 has the ability to handle more heat because the motherboard has more copper.
I was told that the “Thermister” the part that dissipates heat is a common source of issues in controller -41 error code

T1 and T2 are both only 350 amp controllers. T2 has more control features.


Where did you buy the adaptor.?


I happened to have one laying around on a car that are used for parts.

Don’t forget you will also need the jumpers. They are the Femail Pins that snap into the cars main plug

The parts you need are on this page

you will need 2 of these
and One of these

Thanks Grant

Let me know if this drawing makes any sense.

Yes sir. Thank you for the help!

Hey David do you happen to know the name of the Pins that slide into and lock in to the 24 pin main connector

ampseal 770854-1

That’s the one! ( ampseal 770854-1) Thanks


Dave did you just make a T-1 to T-2 swap out kit?

Did previous. I don’t know if I have any left.