T2 kits

I haven’t had a chance to look for the t1-t2.
The Usb programming kit less sw is $75 for t2-t5

  • $50 for T1 also. T1 is different.

Thanks Dave, Im trying to trade them to Jim from R4F for some gears. I still want to keep one for myself, Ill probably get a cable soon enough.

Hey Dave, I’ll take one of your T2 cables. Do I need to provide any power to it while programming, sorry if that is a stupid question!

Also, did you fine that T1 to T2 harness? I’m currently set up with a T1 and want to replace with one of my T2’s. Thanks!

I’ll check later.
I’m in the middle of a Leaf autopsy. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Slice and dice!

Yes, pin #1 needs power to program controller. Less than 72v works. Not sure minimum voltage.
I use 35v on the bench.

Found the t1-t2 adaptor.
Send $150 for both:


Awesome. Funds sent.

Once I program the T2 on my bench (I have a power supply) the T1 to T2 connector allows me
To use the T2 with the T1 wiring that is in my car, correct?

Yes, they are nearly identical. The t2 had extra pins that aren’t needed. The m-f adapter (ribbon) allows the small cable to plug into the t2.
The t2 needs one pin jumpered to another wire. (yellow)
Red wire p1 needs power to program controller.
Neg. to B- bolt on controller.

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From Rodney.
This is a single wire with a pin for the #21 hole on the 23 pin plug and a “quick attach” on the other to tie it to the #2 wire coming out of the plug.

This replaces the motor temp switch in a T2 and D2

I’m sure I will figure it out once I get my hands
On it.

We’re you looking for a Zivan NG1 charger? I have an updated one, 150amp, that’s giving me control logic errors.

I have a zivan now, but no time to look into it.
Do you know what the upgrade is? Hardware?

Says microprocessor upgraded. I could pull the cover off and take some pictures for you.

Hey Dave, did you get a chance to send out the cables?

Got them today. Nice surprise, thank you!

Looks like Im reading the T2 controller with your cables, but getting an error. Can you take a look? Thanks!



Then nothing, no read. Im hooked up to my power supply at 35v with neg on B1.

Is this t2?
If your sentry sw is not specific to t2, you need to save it with correct control type.
Does you sentry do have the instruction sheet?
Control type for t1 and t2 have an odd name as I recall.
I can look it up.
Get me a screen shot of the control type pull down. Or A list of control types.

This should be public if it’s ok.

Try saving as 262b1 control type with your own file name.
T2stock or such.

Fine with making public. This is for a T2. I do not have an instruction sheet. I do not have a control type pull down.

It’s the one on top of your first screen shot. Greyed out. Maybe after you press “save”.