Bunch of T2 Controllers

I was fortunate enough to run into 3, T2 controllers. I’m currently running a T1 in my 2002 so I cant just swap them out to test. Probably a long shot but is there any way that I can power them up to test them?

Easy enough to connect to computer on the bench. For a full test put it on your gem.
They are near the same connection wise. You need an adaptor for the display but gem may run without it.

I was reading you make a USB connector, do you have one available?

Yes, I may have a T1 to T2 kit somewhere also.

PM me details please. Thanks Dave!

I just swapped out my T1 with a T2 this weekend. Understand they’re a little better at dissipating heat and are generally a better controller.

You need 3 parts -

0606-00176 CONNECTOR, T - WIRE

The harness will convert you from 8 pins to 12 for the gauge.

Split heat sink and T-Wire will take power from pin #2 and run to pin #23. Without it you’ll get error code -90. (give credit where credit is due, grant had an earlier thread about this).

I got my parts from www.gemcarpartsdirect.com. Dealer prices so I think it was around $150.

Once I got the controller in the car, used the programming cable and software to push all my T1 settings that R4F had configured for me when I bought the upgraded motor. I’m in a similar boat in that I had 2 T2s I wanted to test, I ended up just putting them both in and driving around for a bit to see if I got any faults.

I asked the guy who sold me the cable about bench testing, his guidance - “you just need pin 1 feed…Plus power to the controller, you’ll need ground on the large Battery negative bar and at least 24 volts to Pin 1 on the main 23 pin plug. On the controller itself for power.” I never tried that and figured it was just easier to throw it in the car.

Good luck!

I live close to Jim from R4F and he said the biggest advantage to a T2 is that it is rebuildable. I didnt get into it with him and just took his word for it. Im going to try and trade a controller for a set of gears, I want to hit about 40mph on my Gels then move to a lithium setup.

Speaking with Dave (Inwo) Im pretty sure you can bench test with his USB cable, not needing a power supply. My T1 is programed so Im not pulling it out to swap and test. Ill probably just get his cable. Another $75 bucks!

I spoke to Jim when I did my R4F motor… he told me the same about the T1s being rebuildable… but I wonder if it’s just that they don’t do it? I saw that FSIP will rebuild the T1s.