Surepower recall upgrade

I am looking for more information on the dc/dc relay that is called for in the recall instructions. I can’t seem to source one. What is this relays purpose? Is there a like part that can be used in its place? Maybe alternate part number(s)?

The relay the factory uses is an odd one. It looks like this.
Location is typically on Pass side over by/around the DC Converter.

It’s purpose is to take the Keyed 12v and switch B+ for the Controller.

No, You don’t need to replace it with the same part.
A bosch Cube relay will do in a pinch.

relay cube

Sorry, too slow. Thought op refered to the timer, as a relay should be pretty easy to find.
Called a cube timer generically or just solid state timer.
From memory it’s a time off delay. TOF
12vdc, also from memory, non-isolated.
If it has a raised rectangle part, then it incoporates an isolated dry contact relay output.
There are many manufacturers of these. Artisan, ssic, nte, etc.

I think we are talking about two different components.
The Delay off timer looks like this.

This timer holds the 12v Acc in the ON state for the set time (~20 Secs) after the key is switched OFF.

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While on the subject. Seems dealer upgrade help is losing steam.
What is refered to as the open board dc converter is actually a logic board with a dc converter attatched.
The converter portion can be replaced leaving the original logic in place. Iirc.
Fire hazard was from the current carrying connectios and the converter itself. Also iirc.

Interesting thought. There isn’t even much actual logic on the old PWB. It is actually replaced by some minor rewiring, a relay, and a timer nobody is quite sure why it is really there.

The timer on the pcb is just a few discrete components. I doubt they have many transistor failures.
My guess is that the fires reported, are traces and connections overheating. A simple fix but not from a big company liabiliy standpoint.
If not for the legal issues we could be the cluster guys. Adding an off the shelf converter to the oem pcb.
Not sure if oem is a 5 wire converter or not. Iirc there is a small 12v supply on board for start up. Now days a $5 part.

Kind of late in the game, but if most of the upgrades have been claimed, may be time for a cheap fix.

Sorry for the confusion. I was not referring to the timer relay. That I can find and know its purpose. I was referring to the dc/dc relay.


This would be the part in question.

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Im sure Byron knows. I assume its to switch the 72v power from 12v control.

See Post #2 above :point_up: I guess you missed it?

After cross referencing the schematic from the service manual against the schematic from recall instructions, I think I got vertigo…

Yep. Post 2 has it. Thanks. For those looking for what it does, it relays 72v switched from the key to various components.

Also, for reference. I found what I believe to be the part. Numbered J115F31A12VDCS.9