DIY DC-DC Converter Upgrade - Need Help

tl;dr: Need some electrical help/verification with wiring up a DIY DC-DC converter

Long version: So in the process of upgrading my '02 to lithium, got all the way to the point of the first “flip” of the main disconnect, only to see a small flash from the corner of my eye with a “pop” noise. After flipping it off, checking things out and a short discussion with @LithiumGods (not to mention probably a small heart attack somewhere in there), I found out I have the “old” DC-DC converter, and that there’s a recall on it. The flash was one of the 10a fuses on the converter epically popping.

Research and multiple phone calls later, it’s proving difficult to find someone to do it, or that can even source the kit. (FYI, the 15 year recall lifespan supposedly expires in August 2021, confirmed by a Polaris regional manager that’s supposed to let me know yay or nay after the weekend if they can do mine)

So, while I wait on all that, I thought I’d prepare for the worst and try to build my own. Between the schematic from the recall PDF, a pinout of the newer converter’s connector, and a DC-DC converter I found on Amazon, I created a diagram that “should” work (minus the timer relay. May add it if I can find it cheaper non-locally). Just would really like a second (or third/fourth/etc.) set of eyes on it to make sure it looks good before I get it all hooked up.

Any input is much appreciated!

Images to reference:
My DIY schematic

Schematic from Recall

Pinout of SurePower plug from SurePower’s website

DC-DC Converter from Amazon (supposedly it’ll handle up to 96v)

Anthony in NY might be able to help, he has supplied me with a couple.
Dc/DC converter and harnesses for the conversion.


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Awesome thank you, I’d much rather go that route