Sudden maximum speed drop

I just recently acquired my first NEV, a 2002 GEM e825 and it’s maximum speed has always been 25 mph. Two weeks ago, the max speed obtainable suddenly dropped to approx. 15 mph. Does anyone know where I might start looking for the problem? Is there an electric motor reset or something else I should be looking at? Thank you.

It sounds like the turf/road switch is stuck on turf. Switch back and forth from turf to road to see if that changes. You might just have a dirty switch.

Thank you for the direction. I’ll check for the switch and give it a go!


You were right! The indicator button labels for various functions were worn away, but I found the turf/road switch after finding an online manual. It somehow got switched to turf. All good now, but now that I found this forum, I see that others have found ways to increase the speed from the governed speed of 25 mph to higher. Sounds like that’s my new project. Thanks again for your help.

Glad to hear it worked for you:-).