2008 Gem speed issue

My 2008 E2 all of a sudden will not go over 18mph. When it sits for a bit then I go to use it it will go only 14 then after a mile it creeps up to 18. This did this once before but eventually would reach 22. Not now. Batteries are all new and good any help.

Could be throttle assembly.

Thanks. So today I jacked up the front end to see what speed I would get and I get 25. When I put it down and road tested it only getting 18-19 mph. I also checked the rear tires to see if the brakes were hanging up but they are free turning.

Since youve already checked for dragging brakes, check each battery’s voltage after it slows down. Possibly a weak battery in the chain, or a loose connection. Put your hand on each battery cable and see if any are hot to the touch. Better yet an infrared thermometer can pin-point hot spots.

I did all good. Not sure what this issue is at this point. Of the ground I get 26. On the ground 18-19

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Need to get a replacement peddle I think. Any input please

Test it first. there’s a few threads on testing and replacing. I don’t know how to post links but check the threads “loosing power on gem” or “08 lost power and no error codes”

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