Loosing power on Gem

I have a 2007 gem with a power problem. Batteries show full charge and no faults appear. The gem will start off at 29 mph. After about 30 seconds the speed drops to 8 mph and seems to loose power. If I turn it off and let it sit for a few minutes it will go back to full power and then within 30 seconds loose power again. Any suggestions

What kind of batteries do you have? How old are they? Sounds like it could be a bad cell. Have you measured the voltage of each battery after it dies?

Not sure of battery type I will ck . Just puzzled why it is still showing a full charge

just posted my similar problem!

I had similar issues with my 08, it ended up being the throttle pedal. Mine would start out running fine and would start loosing performance. after about a half mile it would be dead ad have to be pushed.

Did ur vehicle show any codes related to this failure

04 11 05 At random multiple times


Mine didn’t have any codes at first but after sitting for 8 months before I got around to fixing it the throttle completely failed and the car would not operate and had a error code. There’s a few threads on throttle replacement on here.

Thanks for the info. That gives me a jumping off spot so I can start troubleshooting

Ned Benvenutti

Ok. All batteries have been tested and check good. I am auuming my next step should be throttle control

Ned Benvenutti

If you have the service manual, it will tell you how to test your throttle. There’s also a few (at least 4) threads related related to throttles (how to test, fix, replacement options). Make sure when you test it that you’ve run the car so you’re testing it while its acting up. My guess it the electricity running through it is warming it up and increasing the resistance.