Not going 25 mph

I had my speed controller rebuilt, and my speedometer shows I’m going 25 but are radar in are parked shows only 16 - 17 mph. I have 205/50/10" tired on my 2000 gem , please help. Could they had rebuild the speed controller wrong. Thanks Al.

How fast in turf mode?

I never check that on the street I can do that now , I will post asap when I get back in the house

Ok I couldn’t get a reading on the radar maybe because I was going slow. The speedometer showed that I was going 17 miles per hour in tiff mode and 27 mph in road mode. ?

Ok, that works then. Must have the controller programmed for the wrong ratio.
Do you have the handset?
Did it read correct before?

I don’t have a handset, and when I bought it it needed to be rebuilt because the cart didn’t move after the new batteies in it.

See what Rodney say’s I guess.

If you don’t want to send it back, or can’t get it reprogrammed, I have something new you can try.

I’m going to talk to the guy , that sent it in and see what he what’s to do. I will let you know.

Its probably programmed for 12 inch rims with 21 1/2 inch diameter tires or bigger. In any event program needs to reflect installed gear box and tire diameter.

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i will find out tomorrow, I hope they have records how the company programmed it.

If not, I can loan you a handset, and Rodney can tell you what to punch in.

Need to know: Year, Model, Controller model #, Gear Box ratio, motor make/model, and tire diameter. Stock magnet or performance?

You could use a GPS to gauge speed instead of radar.


The best is just getting a gps device in your Gem with that it can tell you the actually speed