Stops when you accelerate

When you accelerate the cart starts but then :cool stops to start you must push the accelerator down easy to go any info.

Need lots more info

Make of Cart - Year - Codes on display when it stops etc

Ok old houseboater will let y know next time it stops thanks

I would inspect all of your battery cable connections very closely. If you lay into the throttle and have a sudden shutdown, it sounds like your battery voltage at the controller is dropping too low. Lightly adding throttle avoids this high current peak, so less voltage drop at the controller.

You could also operate at top speed for a while and check the temperatures of all the connections, a high resistance connection will get hot.

To confirm this, you might want to measure battery voltage at the controller when it is cutting out.

Hope this helps.

Nevbuggie I just got back with cart it did stop on me check for codes none put I cannot go over 15 mph all thr way to the floor it is 2010 ruff&tuff nev4 any info

Old houseboater just it did stop on me no codes put it will not go over 15 mph a it dose 25 mph it is 2010 ruff&tuff nev4 any info

Can’t help you on R T’s Some of you R T guys , chime in.

What model and brand of controller do you have?

Old houseboater I will check the controller and let y know

old houseboater my do controller is a CURTIS v36-48v current 400a model 1268-5403 at the button of thr controller is a Amber light it is flashing once then twice all the time any info the battery charger is not flashing at all.

Check page 48

code 1,2 is Throttle fault

Old houseboater just let y know the fix on my ruff&tuff that was running 1/2 speed THE BATTERYS WHERE LOW ON WATER MUST CHECK ONCE A MONTH.
Thanks for all your help
Ps thanks to nevbuggie

Thank you for reporting back

You can test your throttle by measuring it with an ohm meter. You want to sweep the throttle very slowly and watch your resistance increase and decrease at a linear and smooth rate. Sometimes the wipers or windings develop bad spots and cause intermittent faults.