Acceleration problem

I have a 1999 E2 gem car. 48 volt. I can accelerate until I push the pedal all the way down then the motor will shut off. I can fully throttle going in reverse and I’m fine.

What error code?
Shuts down with speed or throttle position?

Throttle position. I don’t have a code.

That’s a strange one for me. Same throttle position works in reverse.

Test the motor by switching the field wires. It will move car forward when in reverse.
We will see if motor runs both directions.

Yes. I’m puzzled I’ll try switching field wires. Thanks

@AssyRequired any ideas on this one?
Always a possibility that it’s batteries. 90% of the time it is. :slight_smile:

No codes? and display is acting normal?(showing speed)
Or the display is not working? (dark)

Is the main contactor clicking out?
Put a meter on your controller and monitor the volts it is seeing when you accelerate. What is the last V you see before it trips out?
Don’t crash into anything.
Can you repeat this by doing a brakestand test?

I wasn’t paying much attention, sorry.
I know nothing about the 48v model. Not even if it’s a sepex or series motor. :persevere:

I’m just guessing here too. How different are the 48V cars?
It’s just where I would start looking.

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I was thinking about that. Thee batteries are about a year old but might have a bad cell
In one. I’ll check that also. Thanks

Thanks. I’ll look at that also.

Yeah. It’s actually a trans gem cart. The first carts to come out. No screen, no codes. I’m checking on batteries to make sure no bad cells. I’ll also check voltage. Thanks

Ah! From a remote problem solver view- the response of

I don’t have a code.

is WAAAAAAYYY different than not even having the ability to view a code. It tends to allow a bypass of a bunch of things that should be otherwise be checked.

I’m still sticking with batteries as a first thing to check tho-

I’m a little puzzled that the cart actually shuts down with this issue. Normally a low V will just go slow and if it drops below it’s lower threshold it won’t bother starting up again after power cycle.

Do you know what controller is in this cart?

old 48v schematic

Thanks Ge2. Way to pull a rabbit out of a hat!
Unless the cart was changed over to something else by a PO in the lase 22 years…
It looks like factory setup is a Curtis control and a manual direction sw?

This blows my theory about the controller treating FWD and REV with different parameters in it’s programming.

Reversing field is still a valid test of motor circuits.

I put the batteries one at a time on a charger. I found that one battery was bad. It just wasn’t getting enough voltage. Thanks everybody. I do appreciate all your help.