Throttle malfuntion

I have a 2007 R&T 48v 6person cart. recently tried to drive it and the cart automatically goes as if in full throttle position(without touching the throttle) as soon as I switch the forward/reverse switch out of neutral. in addition, the brake stayed in locked position during this process. can anyone explain to me what part/parts are malfunctioning to cause this issue.
Also, I recently replaced the batteries w US batteries(std acid batts). I was told I needed to change the algorithm by one person(which I did),the employees at the battery store told me I needed to replace the IQ charger that was on board. can anyone shed some light on the correct answer?

Why should you replace charger?

I Don’t feel the charger needs replacing. I’m not convinced there is any thing wrong w the charger. I changed the algorithm and it seems to work fine. batteries charged,unit displayed correct lighting during the charging sequence. what are ur thoughts?
As for the throttle malfunction, I purchased a new solenoid( based on info received from cartz partz) I have not yet installed this solenoid. therefore,I do not know if that will fix the throttle issue. I’ll know this weekend when I replace the unit. any advice is welcome.

If it aint broke don’t fix it.

Would like to know Cartz Partz thinking. they have a ton of experience. I’m looking for new knowledge all the time. Ask them to tell you the basis of their recommendation. I’m a GEM guy and am just starting to get a feel for your R&T machines


Do these use Curtis sep-ex controllers?

If Curtis uses similar safety features as GE, this should not be possible, without more than one failure.

Disconnect throttle wires to eliminate one issue.
Disconnect control plug from controller if there is one.

Main contactor should not pull in unless safe to do so.