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NEW, new, new. Not my GEM though. Got a 2013 utility truck for a pretty fair price. SO MANY QUESTIONS! Earlier this spring I did a Lithium conversion (RoyPow) on an EZ-GO golf cart and it was a total success! RoyPow does not make a 72v kit (yet, I’ve heard it’s coming). Has anyone tried Allied lithium (plug and play) kit? Almost $4K with the charger, so I’m looking for some advice before plunking that down. Will the electronics on the dash still work, etc. MEANWHILE, I’m working with the batteries it came with, some off brand (The Starting Line) which I think are actually Duracells in disguise? And I’m getting the flashing turtle after about 8 miles, so something is up - charging profile? Did the cart come with Gel batteries and these are wet? I want all the answers at once!!! LOL, seems like some really smart people on this group, can’t wait to get started…

Gel batteries were an option. You would have to check the blink codes on your charger to see what profile it’s set to. Duracell batteries that size are actually made by east Penn Deka.

So, I discussed this with my nephew who is an electrical engineer, and after searching and doing some reading, he said the profile for the Duracell would be 42, which is not an option on my charger (I think). So he concluded that “these things go in order for some reason” so he said go with the highest number, which would be 32. Does this make sense? He’s a smart kid, but does not have any real experience (that I know of) with electric vehicles.

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You are correct about your nephew not having any experience.

Figure out what type of battery you actually have and go from there. Using the correct profile chart helps. And, no they are not in order

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