Splash guards?

can anyone please post pictures of how these plastic firewall puzzle pieces are supposed to be installed? I’m referring to the hard plastic shields not the rubber flaps…

I hate to show this, but are these the ones? :eek:

not sure, here they are…

Mine are more 3d molded. green
Yours looks flat.

Mine has rubber ones hanging from frame on side of controller. red
Maybe that’s where they go?

My rubber one is bad.

Picture from web…

thanks for the pics and trying to help, hopefully someone will know what the pieces I posted are supposed to bolt to :slight_smile:

They bolt on each side of the frame rail. the one with the round opening is the right side. Look closely at the outside of the frame rails for screw holes. (above and behind motor on right side.)

I am starting to wonder if mine never had these because I cannot seem to locate any holes that would line up, in fact I cannot figure out an orientation that would line up with much of anything. I hate puzzles! Thanks as always for the help though I will continue to ponder how this is supposed to work