Gem scuff guards

Hi all,
We are new to the Gem Family. Just purchased a custom 2002 GEM E825 from Dustin at innovations motor sports in Arizona.

Just wondering if anyone has the scuff guards for the bottom rails.
We have red paint and it shows all the scuff marks and wondered how these worked. I found them on eBay new for 143 shipped for the pair.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks…Tim & Paula

You might consider cutting the scuff guards out of a heavy rubber floor runner. Install with stainless self tapping screws. Drill holes in the rubber for the screws to prevent a “pucker”. A 3’X4’ size runner should cost about $9/10.

$143 may sound pricy but I wouldn’t be without mine

I added them to mine because the sills in those spots were pretty heavily scuffed up to the point I could not get them polished out… I was fortunate to find a pair of used ones at a ridiculously great price.